November 15, 2009

Dear Friend of Food For Maine’s Future,


Jim & Megan Gerritsen, Peter, Caleb, Sarah, Amy

Have you ever stopped to wonder what a sustainable and just food system for Maine would actually look like?  As farmers on an organic seed potato farm here in Aroostook County these kind of thoughts and dreams go hand in hand with the daily toil of our work. Food For Maine’s Future’s work is making the dreams happen.

Our Common Vision For Maine Food.

  • Lots of thriving and diverse Farmers Markets across the State that go year around to satisfy shopper’s needs and extend cash flow for family farmers and food producers like bakers and fishers.
  • Grocery stores and restaurants as enthusiastic local outlets for Maine grown and Maine produced food from fish to beef to milk to vegetables to jam and baked beans to bread and grains.
  • High quality Maine grown nonGMO organic seed of vegetable and grain varieties that are delicious, high yielding and regionally adapted to Maine’s sometimes challenging growing conditions.
  • Extensive Community Supported Agriculture subscription garden programs organized at work and at church that keep Maine people fed and create stable new markets for Maine family farmers.
  • Common sense utilization of local sources of fertility such as manures; cover crops; fishery, wood and crop waste; and rock powders.
  • School breakfasts, lunches and snacks that are nutritious, local and organic.
  • Community safety nets that support elders and limited resource neighbors who should not have to choose between winter heat, medicine and healthy food.
  • Strawberry Festivals, Lobster Festivals,  Ployes Festivals, Muskie Tournaments,  Maple Breakfasts, Harvest Suppers and all sorts of food centered community celebrations so numerous and iconic that Maine’s reputation for the good life becomes synonymous with Maine’s reputation for good food.
  • A culture of stewardship of food production by organic and sustainable methods that keeps Maine’s water pure, our crops free of GMO and pesticide contamination, our soils fertile and thriving for future generations, and our woodlands healthy for fish and wildlife.
  • Livestock raised humanely and with respect by family farmers on Maine grown nonGMO feed and processed at well run local family scale slaughter facilities.
  • Access to capital for Maine food businesses and farmers by creating Slow Money opportunities for Mainer’s savings to be invested locally in building Maine’s food infrastructure.
  • Affordable access to farmland for young and new farmers that allows purchase or long term tenure which encourages long term thinking and long term capital improvements such as farm buildings, wells and access roads.
  • A future of hope, expectation and permanence so that next generation farmers and fishers are encouraged and confident in carrying forward their family’s heritage of food production.
  • Societal recognition of the importance of local food production so that family farmers, fishers and their coworkers earn respect and incomes commensurate with their contributions to helping build secure and healthy communities.
  • Schools that teach the lifelong lessons of gardening and nature, and the benefits of  food literacy  for the good of both individual and societal health and well-being.

Getting There From Here.
Food For Maine’s Future is committed  to bringing to fruition fresh ideas on food sovereignty for the State of Maine and beyond. With your help we can transform Maine’s food system into one that expresses our common values of justice, sustainability, food security and democracy.

The Maine Solution.
We all recognize that our Maine scale and attitude, our Maine land resources and abilities, make Maine uniquely suited among the fifty states to lead this country by example to an unprecedented era of dynamic food sovereignty.

You can make this happen. We hope you’ll join us by becoming  members of Food For Maine’s Future. Working together we can ensure Food For Maine’s Future continued successful work in promoting initiatives and programs that will make Maine food secure.  Your membership and generous contributions are our best investment for our children’s future and for a bright Maine ahead.

Jim & Megan Gerritsen
Wood Prairie Farm
Bridgewater, Maine



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