Food & Farm Activist Retreat August 10 – 16 Sedgwick, Maine

Due to funding shortfalls and travel restrictions the August, 2011 North America Food Sovereignty Training Camp hosted by Food for Maine’s Future, La Via Campesina North America, and the Greenhorns has been postponed until summer 2012. Food for Maine’s Future will still host a small number of people for the week for farmwork, workshops, farm tours, and really good food. The Food & Farm Activist Retreat will take place in Sedgwick, Maine, from August 10 -16. Contact Food for Maine’s Future for program information. 207-244-0908 or

The Blue Hill Peninsula has a lot to offer for the food and farm enthusiast. The area is home to Eliot Coleman & Barbara Damrosch’s Four Season Farm and a host of small, diversified farms and fishing communities. Three towns in the area — Sedgwick, Penobscot, and Blue Hill — recently received international attention when their citizens voted at town meeting to adopt the Local Food & Community Self-Governance Ordinance.

A community dinner will take place Sunday, August 14 as a fundraiser for the 2012 camp. The meal will feature food from local farms and waters. Donations for our silent auction are welcome. Please contact Bob St.Peter at 207-244-0908 or to donate to the auction, RSVP for the community dinner and/or to discuss alternative plans for August 10-16.


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