Presentation on Global Farmers Movement La Via Campesina

JULY 9, 2011

My Two Years with La Via Campesina
Bob St.Peter questioning World Bank and UN officials about the recent wave of land grabbing at the Bank's 2010 Land Policy Conference in Washington, DC. Credit: Devlin Kuyek, GRAIN
Presentation by farmer-activist Bob St.Peter
Howard Room, Blue Hill Public Library
Friday, July22, 7PM

La Via Campesina is a global movement of small and medium-sized food producers, peasants, indigenous people, women, and youth. One of the largest and most powerful social movements in the world, La Via Campesina represents 250,000,000 families from 140 organizations in 70 countries. This presentation will include the history and purpose of La Via Campesina and an outline of its current campaigns. The presentation will include photos from Bob’s travels with La Via Campesina around the U.S. and Mexico.

Bob St.Peter is the director of Food for Maine’s Future and serves on the boards of La Via Campesina member organizations National Family Farm Coalition and Family Farm Defenders. As an activist and farmer living in Sedgwick, Maine, Bob works with family farmers, peasants, and indigenous people worldwide who are struggling to preserve their cultures and traditional foodways.

Bake sale fundraiser featuring hand-crafted cookies from Poppaloona’s Cookie Club.

Proceeds from this event will benefit Food for Maine’s Future’s. Learn more at and

Public Supper, Sunday, August 14, Halcyon Grange, North Blue Hill, 5PM
Pig roast! Fresh fruit and veggies! Lots of pies! Food from farm and sea! Dinner begins at 5PM at Halcyon Grange in North Blue Hill. Suggested donation $10-$50. Families welcome and encouraged. Please RSVP by calling 244-0908 or email


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