Fast for Fair Food – Day 3

Greetings from Immokalee, Florida! Since Monday I have been fasting alongside the Coalition of Immokalee Workers and their allies in support of justice and dignity for Florida farmworkers in front of grocery giant Publix in Lakeland, Florida. It has been an honor sharing this time with the CIW, members of the Student Farmworker Alliance, numerous clergy from many faiths, and supporters from around Florida and the U.S.. Our fast is going well and everyone is in high spirits. We take strength from knowing that it is not a question as to “if” Publix will sign the Fair Food Agreement and help end poverty and abuse of Florida farmworkers, but “when”. Over the past year Food for Maine’s Future has marched and protested in solidarity with the CIW and I am often asked, “what does it have to do with us here in Maine?” Well, if you’ve eaten a tomato, an orange, or a strawberry this winter you can thank CIW members and others who work in the fields tending and harvesting these crops, because it’s likely come from Florida and even possibly from here in Immokalee, where I sit awaiting the weekly meeting at CIW headquarters. Food for Maine’s Future’s growing alliance with the CIW is bringing together the shared struggle of farmworkers and family farmers, because we understand that it is the same agricultural policies, the same foreign policies, and the same corporations who keep family farmers and farmworkers in poverty and prevent us from creating the kind of food system we know is fair, sustainable, and just. Standing together we will win justice and dignity for all who work to feed us, from seed to table. Please take a moment to share the CIW’s inspiring story with friends and family. Here’s a link to video of Day One of our 5 day Fast for Fair Food —

In peace and solidarity,


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