Fast for Fair Food – Breaking the Fast – Day 6

Day Five of the Fast for Fair Food has winded down and an update of “fast postcards” pictorial has been posted.  It has been a week of high energy, spiritual bonding, a shared struggle for peace and justice.  As we head into Day Six, the eve of which we will break fast, there is tireless commitment, and relentless hope that the end of the fast will see also the end of the fight with Publix for “a penny a pound” and signing of Publix to the Fair Food Program. 

Day Four was a celebration of  International Women’s Day, a global day of honoring honoring women; celebration and recognition of women’s rights and equality in participating in social, cultural, and economic lives of their countries.  A movement with roots in the suffragette movement and exemplified by the Bread and Roses strike of 1912.  In conjunction with the fast, this day was dedicated to honoring mothers, grandmothers, and daughters working in the fields, and other women who, throughout history, have fought for the rights of farmworkers.

There were few dry eyes as Nely Rodreiguez spoke of the pain mothers suffered, waking their children at dawn to be cared for by others as they went off to find dayhaul labor and work 12 hour days, picking vegetables and suffering indignities in the fields.

The eve of day six, the fast will be broken. The week has seen an increase of support from college students, community members and clergy. There has  been a change in the employees leaving work at Publix as they smile and wave at the fast participants. News has spread that Kerry Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Jr., Ethel Kennedy, and Latin artist Jose Jose will be joining the breaking of the fast in the 3 mile procession to Publix Headquarters at noon.

In the past, managers of Publix have come out and talked with a small delegation of participants. This time has been

Your thoughts and prayers for all participants have been greatly appreciated. The week has held  candlelight vigils, speeches, songs, presentations and sharing of emotions.  A deep connection has been formed, born of the shared dedication of sacrificing for what is right.  “I go hungry today so my children will eat tomorrow”.

There is a realization that the last day of the fast will coincide with the 40th anniversary of Cesar Chevez and Robert Kennedy breaking fast at the end of Chevez’ fast to re-commit to a non-violence movement for social change.

“Only those who dare to fail greatly, can ever achieve greatly.” – Robert F. Kennedy


3 Responses to Fast for Fair Food – Breaking the Fast – Day 6

  1. Susana Edith says:

    This is great! i did a fast on my own, raised some awareness around my campus, but definitely would have liked to do another one to support.

    • savingseeds says:

      Thanks Susana! It was an amazing experience. Does your campus have a Student/Farmworker Alliance? Regards, Bob St.Peter

  2. […] lost track of what was going on with the fast until yesterday when I was reminded of this important social protest by a comment that was posted to that essay.   So I went looking to see what had become of the […]

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