Food for Maine’s Future 2012 Update

The Board of Directors of Food for Maine’s Future met a few time during the course of the year. The
first was the annual meeting at the Agricultural Trade Fair in Augusta January 10th. A plan for the
year was established and it was decided that future meetings could take place by conference call.

We met by conference call in July and planned a brainstorming strategy session for October.

On October 6th the board met in Knox to discuss the future of the organization. Bob St. Peter has
decided to step back from the Executive Director (ED) position to put his time and energy into the
programs of the organization: Saving Seed Farm, the Corn Seed Collaborative, Seed Camp, and the
Fresh Food for Migrant Workers, and the Local Food Sovereignty programs.

At the meeting a plan was developed for an orderly transition to a new ED and continued support for
Bob as he maintains the excellent programs he has started over the years.

We also approved a quick fundraising campaign to cover current expenses and a few past due bills.
Cost cutting measures were also implemented. Moving the Saving Seeds Farm was discussed. Bob
has a plan for that move.

We discussed whom we would like to see on the ED search committee and plans were made for
those meetings.

In the afternoon we opened up the meeting to other interested parties and had a brain storming
session regarding where we have been and where we would like to go as an organization. The need
for an intensive fundraiser to secure the salary for the new ED, Program Director and a development
budget were emphasized.

Perhaps the most exciting outcome of the afternoon’s discussions was the adoption of a new mission
statement and a new tagline. The mission statement adopted was: We are advocates and activists
for small farmers, farm workers and their patrons against corporate food monopolies. And the new
tagline we kicked around is: The Grange of the 21st Century.

It was a very productive and energizing day. The fundraiser was mailed out in November and had
reasonably good results considering the current economic climate.   In January 2013 we had a two day work session in Augusta in conjunction with the Agricultural Trade Show.  We set the calendar for the year and had a full board meeting on the second day in addition to work on grant proposals and planning for the Spring edition of Saving Seeds.

We set the Annual Membership Meeting date for February 9th at the Maine State Grange in Augusta.  From there the transition team
will move forward to begin the fundraising process and the search for a new ED.


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