Bob St.Peter, Executive Director

Bob is a co-founder and Executive Director of Food for Maine’s Future. He is the start-up manager for Saving Seeds Farm in Sedgwick and editor of Saving Seeds.

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2 Responses to Staff

  1. Pedro Tama says:

    NIce to see what you folks are doing. You can see about our project at our website. We may be communicating with you to exchange ideas and experiences.

    Aloha, pedro

  2. Eden says:

    Greetings Bob,
    My name is Eden and I am working with Washington state author and food activist, Vicki Robin, on her upcoming book dealing with the political, social, and relational realities that we as eaters are participating in whether we know it or not. We’re coming to a point in the research for the book where it’s important for us to know more about the following questions regarding one of the policy recommendation the book will posit: scale-appropriate regulations. More specifically, we want to make sure we have the information correct about cottage laws in this country as that seems to be the way forward for small-scale, localized, empowered food production and trade. If you have time and energy for it, we’d really appreciate your input on these questions:

    what other states besides Maine have cottage laws?

    what’s right and what’s still missing about these laws?

    what would be ideal?

    what about raw milk? other food safety issues? how does neighbor to neighbor trade manage safety issues?

    is legality the only issue? what about scale/pricing? what about licenses and inspections – cost and hassle?

    Thank you in advance for your time and for all the amazing work you’re doing in Maine that’s impacting the rest of the country and helping provide the kind of models we all need and deserve to reclaim our food sovereignty.

    With gratitude and respect,
    Eden Trenor

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