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  1. Debra Kam says:

    I saw in your 12/31 letter that you’re looking for help in distributing the special 10th issue of Saving Seeds this coming summer. Seacoast Eat Local would like to offer help with this — we table on an ongoing basis at the Portsmouth Farmers’ Market, with a base that includes York County. Let us know if this would work for you.

    Debra Kam
    102 Goodwin Road
    Kittery Point, ME 03905

  2. Anthony Kelley says:

    Dear Bob,

    My wife and I are currently trying to build a freezing/processing/storage facility in bucksport to
    handle maine products, we have struck interest in a few people including Aaron dority whom gave me your name. The town of bucksport is working with us and will give us the land in there industrial park for placing the busness there. It’s a great location 18miles in either direction to a city. Is there any info you help us with, or perhaps even a partner(s) that would be interested in this venture. Thank you for your time Tony

  3. Sam Hunting says:

    I’d love to register for April 11 in Lewiston, but I don’t do plastic so I need to send you a check. How can I do that?

  4. Keri says:

    I need help registering for the Local & Sustainable Foods Conference. Do we receive confirmation for this? I tried on Fri. 3/12 and am not certain it went through. Thanks!

  5. With regards to the Jim Cook award I would like to vote for one of your nomonees.

    Western Mountain Alliance in Farmington has done much for local agriculture in the Franklin County area and continues to work hard on projects that will not only increase the number of farms and on farm income in Franklin county but are also creating seeds of change that could change agriculture in Maine in the future.

    Richard Marble
    marble Family Farms

  6. Jessie Dowling says:


    I’m having trouble with your online registration form, I would like to attend the conference on saturday and make a donation in cash at the door, I could not access the schedule online, what time does the conference start?



  7. Gladys Perreault says:


    I would like to vote for:
    Bill & Ann Spiller, Spiller Farm, Wells.

    Thank you,
    Gladys Perreault
    Hollis Center, ME

  8. Dean DeWitt says:


    I’m interested in what Libery/Montville/? accomplished in becoming GM-free communities.

    I live in China Village.

  9. Ben Holmes says:

    To FFMF,

    I am a resident near Dresden, ME. Originally, I am from Portland. I enjoy the peace and serenity of the countryside and the site of working farmland. However, I am terrified by the prospect of urban sprawl sweeping away these bucolic scenes.

    I really think it’s time to push for an urban sprawl moratorium. There are countless abandoned houses throughout Maine- I would wager in the thousands. There are a host of usages of farmland hat most don’t realize. The issue I focus on is SELF-RELIANCE. That is the way society is moving- healthy local economy.

    Without farmland, this is not possible. We need to halt the vicious tide of sprawl. Could you folks help spearhead such an effort?

  10. I might be looking to do an ad for the New Gloucester Community Market and the New Gloucester Community Garden at Opportunity Farm. Could someone contact me? My number is 926-5919. Thank you! Laura Campbell

  11. Rolf Staples, Sr. says:

    There will be a final planning meeting for the Ohio St. Farmer’s Market on Sunday, June 20, at the Bangor Grange hall at 1192 Ohio St in Bangor. This meeting will start at 2PM. The agenda includes the start-up of the market planned for July 8, 2-6PM. Anyone interested in taking part is encouraged to attend.
    For more info, please call Rolf Staples, Sr. at 973-3976.

  12. Denis Thoet says:

    Hi Bob,

    Just learned about your petition to end Monsanto sponsorship to MPBN. Did you succeed? I haven’t noticed a Monsanto ad recently. I will be in touch with mpbn directly if you have not been notified.

    Your information was much better researched than my article of June 10 in the KJ/Sentenil.

    I am now going upstairs to bottomfeed the rest of the news.

    Best of luck to you.

    Denis Thoet
    Long Meadow Farm

  13. Wayne says:


    I just saw this and thought you might find it interesting. Along the same lines as we what we were talking about the other day. It refers to the Texas historian’s work we were talking about.


  14. nancy says:

    Hi we received 2 newspapers from you . Will you check your mailing list and delete Nancy Huss from the list?
    There should be only one Saving Seeds coming to Huus address 247 Mt. Pleasant Rd. Union, Me. Thanks, Nancy and Chuck Huus

  15. Dan Colby says:

    I’m farming in Pembroke. Could you put me on your email list, etc. take care. Dan

  16. Louisa Kaymen says:

    Hello, We would like to make a contribution to your organization but need the EIN number to do so. Would you please send it to us and we will do the rest!
    Thank you, Louisa

  17. betty says:

    Genetically modified food is our future. Actually, we already eat a lot of it. Is it safe?

    “- Media are invited to join Monsanto and other industry stakeholders for the official Grand Opening of the new, state-of-the-art Monsanto Canada Breeding Centre, located adjacent to Monsanto’s existing Canadian Head Office at the University of Manitoba’s Smartpark.Tues, November 23, 201010:30 am to 1:00 pm (lunch provided)”

    Um… I’d skip the lunch.

    GMO crops are the main contributing factor in Colony Collapse Disorder which is decimating bee populations worldwide. We’re in for a future of eating gruel if we don’t do something fast. The mainstream media, big business and governments must stop whitewashing GMO science.

    Somebody from the media needs to crash this party and ask the tough questions!

    Need motivation? Check these out:

    American Academy of Environmental Medicine calls for immediate moratorium:

    The World According to Monsanto:

    David vs. Monsanto:

    The Future of Food:

    Food, Inc.:

    Vanishing of the Bees:

    RoundUp causes cancer:

    Join the protest outside the event.

    Please tell a friend.!/event.php?eid=160347777340602

  18. I own Villa Sati Pilates studio in Camden Maine. I recently moved here from Mt. Shasta Ca. Pilates originally was about whole body health and I teach this in my studio. I would like to stay connected with you, please add me to events and lists…and refer my email to Organic events/farmers. I am concerned. I would also like to begin selling information in my studio for people to understand the Food Crisis; its a crisis to me. Please tell me more.

  19. steve bevis says:

    is it possible to buy a subscription to your news letter saving seeds i picked one up at johneys seeds thank you

    • savingseeds says:

      We don’t charge for the publication, but we have it online at as well as hard copies, as you found, around the state. We do however, welcome sponsors for its publication and for Food for Main’e Future. You may be interested in purchasing a membership for $25. Thanks you for your support and generosity!

  20. Patricia P. Tursi says:

    Thank you Citizens of Sedgwick, Maine and organizers of this ordinance. The ordinance gives hope to all the rest of us. Here in Springfield, Missouri, we have organization that encourages local foods, gardens, etc. In Mansfield, MO, Baker Heirloom Seeds is one of the largest heirloom seed companies and has a store in CT, also. They oppose GE as many of us do. Confined Animal Feed Operations are the reason a lot of people like myself no longer go to grocery stores. I shop from local farmers, buy from organic stores, and raise some of my own food. We have recently passed a law allowing 6 chickens in the backyard, so this year I will be raising chickens once again. Your courageous town deserves thanks and kudos. Small farmers and growers are the best hope this economy has and should be protected above all other businesses. They are also the salt of the earth and the smartest people when it comes to encompassing knowledge. Genetic Engineering is geared to controlling the total food supply…not making life easier for consumers or growers. The large operations make money, but do little for our health and our food security. Patricia Tursi, Ph.D.

    • savingseeds says:

      You’re raising chickens this year! Great job! And kudos to your town to being responsive to the needs of its citizens. Thanks for the share!

  21. jason glick says:

    hello mr St Peter, i’m writing from montville where we are about to get signitures for a special town meeting to pass the local food soverienty ordinance. we are not without skeptics. i was wondering if you might be available for a meeting of our local farmers coop. i believe it would be good to have your input and maybe you could address some of our concerns. regards, jason glick

  22. Ralph Turner says:

    You have lost any support I may have had for you. Your stand on this “farmer” Brown issue is just plain wrong. Even if you believe that people should be able to operate free of government intervention, how can you support someone selling unsafe milk in unsanitary packaging.

    The Sedgewick ordinance says:“5.2 Patron Liability Protection. Patrons purchasing food for home consumption may enter into private agreements with those producers or processors of local foods to waive any liability for the consumption of that food. Producers and processors of local foods shall be exempt from licensure and inspection requirements for that food as long as those agreements are in effect.”

    In other words, the producers are ONLY exempt from licensure and inspection IF the consumer is willing to enter into an agreement “waiving any liability for the consumption of that food.” In other words, Sedgewick has codified the premise that the producer has the right to poison their neighbors with impunity if they can get their neighbors to agree to it. I think this ordinance is disgusting.

    Show me “farmer” Brown’s signed liability waivers. Would his customers sign the waivers if they knew the bacteria counts were 10 to 15 times the legal limit?

    P.J. O’Rourke said (and yes the organic farmer is quoting P.J. O’Rourke here) “There is only one basic human right, the right to do as you damn well please. And with it comes the only basic human duty, the duty to take the consequences.”

    You are advocating that people should be able to do as they damn well please but should not have to take the consequences. Section 5.2 of the ordinance shows the entire thing for the fraud that it is.

    This isn’t a civil rights issue. Supporting people claiming to be farmers who know that they are selling unsafe products will destroyed your credibility among serious people trying to make a living farming once and for all.

    There is no food for Maine’s future as long as people like you are supporting people selling unsafe food.

  23. Chrys Ostrander says:

    Bob, your “replacement on the CTPC [who] has more than 500 acres in production, and his business sells their products throughout the state and up and down the east coast with gross sales in the millions of dollars” obviously is no small farm that is usually defined as grossing no more than $250,000/yr. Sorry to hear that you got railroaded. Good luck with your campaign to get the state gov’t out of the people’s business of feeding ourselves.

  24. invitation to affirmative prayer/energy healing prayer circle for farmer Brown and other farmers, agriculturists and, well all of us, that are affected by the attacks on our natural food supply.
    it is secular prayer, non denominational

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