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General Email List – Event and campaign announcements, occasional email updates, infrequent requests for volunteers, and one membership appeal per year.

Maine Food Policy Watch – Used during the Maine legislative session to keep Mainers informed about state food policy matters that Food for Maine’s Future is following. Occasional emails with federal food policy updates and calls to action.

More than 150 people have joined Food for Maine’s Future from all facets of the food system. Members of FMF receive a mailed copy of Saving Seeds and one free classified ad per year. You also receive free admission to our annual Local and Sustainable Food Conference.  Join today with a minimum contribution of $25. You can also volunteer to receive membership.

Food for Maine’s Future has three standing committees that are open to members. For more information contact Bob St.Peter at bob@foodformainesfuture or 244-0908.

Policy & Legislative Committee
The Policy & Legislative Committee (PLC) works to create and support a policy agenda that furthers the interest of family farmers and fishers, farm workers, landless people, and their allies. The requirements for participation are four annual meetings (in person or via conference call) and a commitment to helping build a more just and sustainable food system in Maine.

Local & Sustainable Food Conference Committee
Each year Food for Maine’s Future hosts an annual Local & Sustainable Food Conference. Next March will be our 5th conference. Committee members have a variety of roles to play, including organizing workshops and recruiting presenters, helping with publicity, planning the Mud Season Dinner, fundraising, and other activities on the day of the event. The committee is also responsible for selecting the recipient of the Jim Cook Memorial Award. Committee members receive free admission to the conference and two tickets to the Mud Season Dinner. The first meeting for the 5th Annual Local & Sustainable Food Conference will be held in November. Exact date and location to be announced.

Saving Seeds
Publishing a newspaper is highly rewarding and satisfying. It is also a lot of work. FMF is looking for skilled writers, editors, and researchers to assist with the biannual publication of Saving Seeds. We are also looking for help with distribution and soliciting advertisements.

Maine’s Food Sovereignty Journal Since 2005

Saving Seeds was named for an age old practice now threatened by a rapidly consolidating seed industry and unjust patent laws that restrict farmers’ rights to the benefit of powerful multinational corporations. It is published twice a year and is “Maine’s food sovereignty journal”. It provides news and views from Maine and around the world, with a focus on the growing international movement for food sovereignty. Please review the current and past issues for the types of content we print. Letters, opinion pieces, articles, story ideas, and upcoming events can be sent to


Saving Seeds is distributed around the state by staff and volunteers and can be found at libraries, food stores, community centers, and other places around Maine. Saving Seeds is free. Please share it with a friend.

Volunteers who help distribute 100 copies of one issue per year receive free membership to Food for Maine’s Future and the good feeling that comes with supporting grassroots activism in Maine. To help distribute Saving Seeds in your community contact Bob St.Peter at

Internships currently available with Food for Maine’s Future are described below. Sorry, but we are unable to offer stipends or other compensation for these positions at this time. Some travel expenses are available.

We also welcome enterprising people who are interested in short-term research or hands-on projects. Email internships(at) or call 244-0908 to apply.

Outreach Intern
Responsibilities include:

  • Initiate and/or coordinate at least one FMF event per month
  • Develop tabling materials
  • Recruit members, volunteers, interns at colleges and universities and selected events
  • Coordinate distribution of Fall/Winter Saving Seeds
  • 10-15 hours per month

Administrative Intern

Responsibilities include:

  • Develop & monitor office systems and calendars
  • Set up & maintain organizational filing systems with input of staff
  • Assist staff with research & outreach as needed
  • Ensure contact details are updated as necessary, and new contacts entered accurately
  • Prepare Thank You letters and Donation Receipts as needed
  • 3-5 hours per week


10 Responses to Get Involved

  1. Julie Harrison says:

    Please add me to your general e-mail list and Maine Food Policy Watch.


  2. Anna Abaldo says:

    Please keep me posted of FMF activities and news

  3. As a local chapter leader of the Weston A. Price Foundation, I got an email from Suze Fisher, the local leader from Casco Bay, the email that Dick Greenfield forwarded to you, Bob. I have been reading your info on your web site and am really interested. I am going to send the $25 membership fee through the mail. Great work. Laura

  4. Chelsea Cartwright says:

    Hello All ~

    Hope thing are going well in everyone’s gardens !

    I emailed Bob about distribution, but I was hoping to get more involved then that, or at least link my organization w/ yours a bit ! I am the Flannel Shirt Festival & Flannel Shirt Fund event coordinator (many events throughout the year) which gives grants to farms to schools programs throughout Maine. I started the Fund in honor of my brother Joel Larsen Cartwright, who started the Bowdoin Organic Garden, and took his own life in 2008.

    Last year the fund gave out over 13,000 ! I’d love to organize a fundraiser for you guys, if you’d like . . . Let me know your thoughts !


    Chelsesa 🙂

    LOVING the lilacs blooming !! Seems early …

  5. Fayth Preyer says:

    please sign me up for the mailing list.

  6. Hello–I would like to recieve updates on the progress
    of your mission–I will try to get more involved ,thanks

  7. Kat says:


    I recently found your site and am very impressed and interested in following your progress; especially 80/20 Development as it is the crux of my master’s thesis project in living sustainably. I live in an unorganized township and have many neighbors who garden, raise beef, chickens, bees, etc. We want to become more involved with local gardeners and farmers markets and are very interested in legislation regarding agriculture.

    Please let me know what we can do to help out in our area. I have limited abilities, and money, and am busy developing my own edible landscape, but I would like to help connect people together so everyone gets a chance to contribute to the local food chain.


    Kat Taylor
    Argyle Twp. ME 04468

    • savingseeds says:

      Thank you for your interest, Kat! We’ve sent you an e-mail with more information! We appreciate your offer of help!

  8. Debbie Sykes says:

    A friend just turned me onto your group, and you look like a good resource for me and my community. I’d like some more info on distribution for my area. I’m in Peru. Now that I know you’re here, I’m looking forward to all the info and happenings you’re sharing!
    Debbie Sykes

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