IMPORTANT: LD 783 Is Not Dead

From our ever stalwart Local Food RULES activist Bonnie Preston:

After a couple of days of being really bummed out about the Senate vote on the Constitutional amendment bill (LD 783), I am thrilled to report that it is not dead. It was rushed through the Senate without any discussion, after caucus meetings (both parties) that were very negative and filled with misinformation and invective. The House has now insisted to the Senate that they hold a proper session, with floor speeches and discussion, and “recede and concur.” in essence, hold another vote. This likely will happen on Monday.

We have the weekend to flood Senators with e-mails and phone calls. Representatives Craig Hickman, Karl Ward and Don Marean all made floor speeches in the House which were heartfelt and rousing. They are at least a part of why we won in the house with the overwhelming numbers that we did. Thank you messages to these three would be really nice! Karl and Don are both GOP. Craig is a Democrat and the originator of the bill. Bipartisanship at its best.

Check this list of Senate votes, remembering that a No vote is on our side and a Yes vote is not–note that the motion was to accept the minority report. If your Senator voted with us, thank them and ask if they will talk to others in their party who may have voted against us about changing their vote. If your Senator voted on the wrong side, ask him or her to reconsider and give your reasons. If they will be running for reelection in Nov., let them know this is a vote you will take very seriously when making your decision on who to vote for.

We won this in the House; now let’s win it in the Senate!


2 Responses to IMPORTANT: LD 783 Is Not Dead

  1. medunn80 says:

    Can you list some talking points for senators who voted yes? I’m sure that would be helpful and help make calling less intimidating.

    • savingseeds says:

      Sure, what we are asking the Legislature to do is pass this bill so that it can go out to the people of Maine on the ballot in November. It is also good to remind them that this does not negate any food safety laws. This is a rights based bill. It gives rights to the food consumers to procure and eat whatever they choose. Like a Second Amendment for food it gives us the right to bear food but does not guarantee our access in any way. Hope this helps.

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